Saving is almost as easy as spending money

Small differences make up a large amount in the long term

A Swiss consumer magazine found out in 2019 that the same weekly purchase can cost up to 60% more depending on the provider. That adds up!

Our App will help you and show you where you can buy your favorite products at the best price, if there are other quantities of them cheaper or which alternative products might be interesting for you.

That way you save money without losing time or missing out on without important products.

Save money when shopping

How our App works

Scan receipt

Scan receipt

Your purchase will be recorded automatically.
Show savings potential

Show savings potential

Whether it's the same product from another vendor or a cheaper replacement, PriceHunterApp shows you how much you can save.
Analyze and save

Analyze and save

Let the App show you how much you have already saved and what you have spent your money on.

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