Terms and conditions

PriceHunterApp is an App and service offering from Epsilon Labs GmbH in Switzerland. By using PriceHunterApp, the user confirms that he or she has read and understood these terms and conditions and expressly agrees to them.


PriceHunterApp is made available to the user free of charge. For the use of all functions a registration as user with a user account under indication of valid e-mail address, first name, surname and telephone number as well as an Internet connection can be necessary.

The services of Epsilon Labs GmbH are partly offered via App Stores and associated infrastructure such as the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. The user uses such App Stores independently of Epsilon Labs GmbH and the respective terms of use apply.

Some functions of PriceHunterApp require access to the address book, photo album, location data and other data on the user's smartphone, which PriceHunterApp may only be able to access with the express consent of the user. Such access enables the user, for example, to select a profile picture for his user profile or to upload shopping lists. Depending on the operating system used, a user may have to expressly confirm such access or may explicitly block access for PriceHunterApp.

There is no right to use PriceHunterApp. Epsilon Labs GmbH can discontinue PriceHunterApp at any time without giving reasons or exclude the user from using PriceHunterApp. Epsilon Labs GmbH may change PriceHunterApp at any time without giving reasons, in particular with regard to any functions subject to a charge.

Epsilon Labs GmbH is committed to the highest possible and uninterrupted availability of the App Services. However, Epsilon Labs GmbH does not assume any guarantee for the uninterrupted service, for the service at a certain time or for the completeness and correctness of the contents of the App. Access to the network and the Internet is beyond the control and responsibility of Epsilon Labs GmbH. Users may not be able to access their network or the Internet as a result of technical errors in the service / network of their mobile phone or Internet provider.

In order to optimize this App for our users, user data such as but not limited to operating system, georeferencing, hardware type, touch movements, scrolls, clicks, IP address are stored and transferred to a server managed by us and hosted by DigitalOcean in Frankfurt (Germany).

Data collection and use

In principle, personal data within Epsilon Labs GmbH can be used for a subscriber-related analysis and a customer profile (shopping basket analyses, customer classes and categories). User behaviour can also be used for advertising purposes.

By using the App, the user agrees that the corresponding data as well as supplementary data which are available at Epsilon Labs GmbH or originate from third parties may be used for shopping basket analyses, household-related analyses of purchases (customer profiles), for personalised advertising campaigns as well as for customer contacts (e.g. recall campaigns).

A customer profile of the registered user is created which can reflect the user's consumer behaviour. For this purpose, all data which the participant provides to Epsilon Labs GmbH by photographing the sales slip is merged with his other data which the participant provides to Epsilon Labs GmbH outside the App.
Purchasing data of the user are also stored, in particular place and time information and the use of discounts etc.
It will be urgently pointed out that when reading in a sales slip for health complaints, e.g. sales slip of a pharmacy, we are able to draw conclusions about possible complaints during evaluations.
The user's data can be enriched by Epsilon Labs GmbH with data from third parties, in particular address dealers, with additional features (such as household size, house ownership, age, income class etc.).


The raffle is open to all persons resident in Switzerland and the principality of Liechtenstein who are at least 16 years old at the time of entry. The participant of the raffle is the person who owns the email address that was provided during the registration of PriceHunterApp. Registration also constitutes participation in the raffle. Only one registration per person is allowed.

In the contest, those participants who photograph more unique receipts with the App have a higher chance of winning. Epsilon Labs GmbH is not responsible for the costs arising from the consumption and would like to point out that there is no obligation to purchase for participation. The winners will be drawn at random among the participants. Each month, the receipts will be taken into account, which were photographed and forwarded during an entire calendar month. On the first day of the following month the counters will be reset to zero. The raffle is expected to run until October 2020 and can be shortened or extended by Epsilon Labs GmbH at any time.

A participant's participation in the raffle which violates the rules or uses multiple accounts will result in his or her exclusion from the raffle. Likewise, any automated participation or entry as well as any technical manipulation will inevitably lead to exclusion from the raffle. Participation is free of charge and free of any obligation.

Only the prizes described in detail in the raffle will be awarded. Prizes will only be awarded among the participants who have filled in all entry fields to be filled in during registration completely, comprehensibly and truthfully. Epsilon Labs GmbH reserves the right to suspend the raffle completely or temporarily if there is a suspicion that the integrity of the raffle is endangered. Epsilon Labs GmbH also reserves the right to change these conditions of participation without prior notice.

The winners will be notified by email in the following month. The prizes will neither be paid out in cash nor exchanged. The prizes are not transferable. The winners can choose between a CHF 50 gift card from Migros or Coop. The winners accept any changes to the prizes. No correspondence will be entered into regarding the raffle; no recourse to legal action is possible.

By sending in your photos or scanned receipts, you assign your rights to Epsilon Labs GmbH, as far as permissible, and authorise Epsilon Labs GmbH to use your data for the purposes mentioned in the terms and conditions and privacy policy. At the same time, by uploading the images, you declare that you do not violate any third-party rights, in particular copyrights or personal rights. This means in particular that the participant has the consent of the data contained therein.

This raffle is carried out on social media platforms (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) and other platforms by Epsilon Labs GmbH. The respective platform operator has nothing to do with this raffle itself and is not available as a contact entity.


Epsilon Labs GmbH assumes no liability for direct or indirect damages resulting from the use of PriceHunterApp or in connection with PriceHunterApp, subject to mandatory statutory provisions.

The user expressly releases Epsilon Labs GmbH from all liability in the event of violations of these terms of use as well as in the event of infringements of rights and corresponding claims by third parties and shall be liable to Epsilon Labs GmbH in full for damages.

Contact / Imprint

PriceHunterApp is offered and operated by

Epsilon Labs GmbH
Selnaustrasse 52
8001 Zurich

Final provisions

Epsilon Labs GmbH may change these terms of use at any time. The user will be informed of such changes in an appropriate manner. The user can stop using PriceHunterApp at any time. By continuing to use PriceHunterApp after notice of such changes has been given, the User expressly consents to such changes.

The use of PriceHunterApp is exclusively subject to Swiss law with Zurich (Switzerland) as exclusive place of jurisdiction, subject to mandatory legal provisions.